Political Rants

I’ve tried not to post very many political things here— mostly because for the past 4 years I’ve been extremely embarrassed by my country. What a bunch of no-good motherfuckers, eh?

I’ve also been scared to post because I figured we were somehow gonna have 4 more years of this shit. And until January 6th (and 20th) I’m still going to be holding my breath because I expect more shenanigans.

But now I’ve decided to rant a bit.

Trump is a no good motherfucking piece of rat shit. Actually he’s worse than that because he’s in a position to be dangerous to our country. Which he has been.

Failed pandemic plan. Failed wall. Failed nuclear deal with North Korea. Failed eradication of ISIS. Failed the Kurds. Failed the farmers. Failed the Supreme Court. Failed education. Failed environmental protection. Failed our allies. Failed to pay taxes. Failed at business. Failed the American people.

Impeached for extorting the president of the Ukraine and for obstruction of justice for Christ’s sake.

Ans colluded with the Russians in the 2016 election

The man is a fraud. Corrupt beyond measure. Evil. Racist. Narcissist. Idiot. And a complete waste of carbon.

And don’t get me started in public enemy #2- Bitch McConnell. He is almost worse. Because rather than do his job, he’s worked to thwart all efforts to help the American people while advancing a backward, ultra conservative agenda which isn’t supported by a majority of the public.

He needs to be removed from office— with extreme prejudice.

I am really hoping Biden finally gets ensconced in the Oval Office, and the T word has to be dragged out of the White House by his ridiculous hair. I want that broadcast on all networks. Then I want him to go away. Into a deep, dark prison.

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1 Response to Political Rants

  1. Terry says:

    Fuck yeah-to everything. I’m sad and terrified that this is what we have become.

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