Luna Snuggs

So, one of the things I miss most about my previous cat (Miss Phoebe) is that she was a real snuggler. She would always lay in my chest or lap, and she slept curled up in the crook of my left arm every night.

Luna has never really done that.

Luna can be affectionate- to a point. In the evenings She does like to keep me in her line of sight, and she does like to sit close (usually just inside arms reach). At bedtime she likes to lay between my legs to start, and then eventually moves to the bottom right corner of the bed, close to my feet.

But as of late, she’s been working her way up. First it was my thigh. Then my right hip. Then just above my hip.

And last night I woke up (probably around 4 am) and she was tucked up my right side, up in my armpit.

My heart melted.

It was so nice to feel her snuggled up against me, and even though my right arm was getting uncomfortable, I didn’t move. I ended up drifting back to sleep with he up against me.

It was shades of miss Phoebe and I hope Luna continues to be comfortable being so close. It was like an early Christmas present.

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