Oh no! Snow!!

Yesterday we had a “snow event” here in Minnesota. And while snow in October is not unheard of, it doesn’t happen often. And not to this degree.

Close to 8 inches of heavy, wet snow fell. It’s the second highest October snow total in the states history, and the earliest for such an amount. It took awhile to clear off Moose before driving.

And the roads were pure shit.

I’m so glad Moose is a 4×4- because I needed it just to get out of our parking lot. Everything was slippery and not plowed, with the areas at stop lights and signs being packed ice.

I hate the cold. I hate snow. I’m not ready for this shit yet. But in keeping with the “disasters” of 2020, this seems par for the course.

At least it’s above freezing today so everything is melting and the roads are clearing. Just in time for more weather tomorrow.


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1 Response to Oh no! Snow!!

  1. truthspew says:

    Meanwhile here in the metro Atlanta area it’s 80F right now. I had enough of snow and ice up north and finally did what most of my family does, moved south. I love it.

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