Dreaming of Dad

For the first time since my father’s passing over a year ago, I had a dream about him. It was a very vivid and seemingly long dream.

I was staying at dad’s old house. It had been sold, but I still had keys so I was kind of squatting there and looking after it. And my father was there too. In the dream, I knew he had passed and that I was interacting with his ghost.

It was also a ghost that nobody else could see.

In part of the dream I remember sitting at the dining table with him and talking about the things I had done financially since his passing and what my future plans were. Basically I was catching him up on a year of stuff: about his house sale, my job, mom’s Health, etc.

It wasn’t a sad dream, but I do remember telling people (like my mother) I was speaking to him and everyone just sort of looked at me in disbelief.

There was also parts of the dream where dad was asking me to do caretaker things around the house and yard. There was also a golden retriever that was running around loose that I was trying to get in the house as well.

It all felt very real at the time.

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