Reduce, Reuse… Recycle?

I am concerned about the environment. Very concerned. I mean, who wouldn’t be? Other than science deniers that is. So, as a concerned earthling, I try to do my best to be a good steward of the planet.

I look for ways to reduce my waste by getting large refills for cleaning supplies, soaps, etc. I use bar soap rather than any liquid soap in order to not add those bottles to the waste stream. I look for things with better packaging options- less wrapping. Like dishwasher pods in a cardboard box vs plastic.

I get ebooks so I don’t waste paper and energy and shipping/storage rhat it takes for books. I opt out of magazines and junk mail to save not only on paper and printing but transport. I’m also trying to not buy things I do not need like clothes or other goods in order to make do with what I have. I don’t do straws or plastic cups or silverware (any single use plastic). Or any product with micro beads.

As far as reusing- I like to upcycle goods into new things (like making my shelves out of collected items). I like used bikes and used musical instruments. It’s fun to give them new life. The last car I got may not be fuel efficient, but it was purchased used. Also repurposing mid century modern furniture is something I enjoy.

Now- recycling. Much like most people, I have recycling bins and I separate my trash to maximize recycling and minimizing landfill waste. I do this diligently, like where I collect any paper/cardboard and recycle it (like toilet paper tubes, etc). But I learned a sad truth the other day— plastic recycling is basically a lie.

Ever since China stopped taking our trash/recycling, plastic is now being just dumped into landfills in America at alarming rates. Nobody is really recycling it- despite the narrative from the fossil fuel industry. Because If people think plastic is being recycled (like we all hear it is) then nobody worries about the environmental impact. So we are free to just keep buying that Aquafina.

But plastic just isn’t being recycled. It costs too much- so it’s just cheaper to dump it. Landfill or ocean. Whatever is easiest.


So my recycle focus has moved into looking at what I buy. I don’t buy soda. I don’t buy bottled water. I now get yoplait yogurt in glass jars because glass is more recycled and less damaging to the environment. I try to opt for aluminum containers too when possible as aluminum is the best recycled material.

Or I look for paper or compostable/biodegradable soy packaging. Basically anything I can do to lower the amount of my plastic consumption.

I just saw a FB ad for tearable laundry detergent sheets. It’s like a sheet of paper- you tear off a small rectangle and toss it in. No plastic jug. Minimal packaging. I am definitely going to explore this option- even if it costs a bit more.

It’s really hard to get rid of all plastics, but you can certainly try. I think it should be everyone’s number one focus because you CAN control how you consume.

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  1. truthspew says:

    The main issue with plastics is that the alternative is waxed butcher paper.

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