eVolution of eVerything

I am very “Pro technology”, especially when it comes to cleaner energy and transportation. So naturally I love Elon Musk and Tesla and the battery innovations (especially for home use). Hell, think how much further we’d be along in battery technology if the electric car hadn’t been killed by GM and the oil industry?

That being said, I kind of have a small issue with all of the other battery powered devices. Hoverboards. eScooters. eBikes. eSkateboards. OneWheels. The things are everywhere and they’re multiplying like rabbits.

The good part about them is that they can be used for commuting or errands to cut down on car traffic (and carbon emissions). And they do have the added benefit of getting people outside and using the bike paths and trails.

The bad part is that people who are unskilled are now flying along at fairly fast speeds and getting injured. And they are also making the bike paths that I use daily more congested and dangerous.

The ugly? Tour de France and other track races have started to use thermal imaging to catch cheaters with small battery/motors built into their bike frames that give cyclists a small boost when they need it.

From a health perspective, I also have a bit of a beef with all the eBikes, scooters, and skateboards because these items started off as people-powered devices. They provided transportation with the side benefit of exercise and caloric burn. Now any fat ass can zip along with very little effort. Get some eXercise why doncha?

The unknown part for me is the environmental portion. While these eDevices are offering transportation options that don’t involve an internal combustion engine, they still need to be recharged daily. And where is the recharging power coming from? Probably a coal or gas power plant. Maybe wind or solar if you’re lucky.

In short, battery technology is good. But Not everything in life needs to be battery-assisted.

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2 Responses to eVolution of eVerything

  1. Minnow says:

    Elon Musk is such a d-bag!

  2. Doréus says:

    My hatred of e-scooters, that plague of sidewalks and bike paths in the summer here since last year, cannot be overstated. And people use them primarily for leisure and because of their novelty effect, not to reduce their carbon footprint by commuting, for example.
    The one thing you don’t mention is the impact of mining the various minerals, (lithium and others) that are required for the manufacture of said batteries, and the fact that at the end of their life, there is precious little that is done to recover those. Ecologically, this appears to be an overall disaster the benefits of which are mostly accruing a few venture capitalists in Silicon Valley.

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