Putting It Together…

Bit by bit!

So, I’m finally realizing my goal of building my own bike. I was just waiting for the right frame to come in. This is a Cinelli from the 1990’s. Possibly mid 90’s. It’s nearly impossible to find out info on this particular frame/model.

Anyway- the frame arrived this past week. So did the wheels and my freewheel gear. The handlebars -‘s stem came next, along with the bottom bracket. So the bits and boos are trickling in.

When I get my bottom bracket tool, I will attempt to install it. The bottom bracket (BB) is the spinny thing that goes in the very bottom tube that the crank set attaches to.

I did clean, grease, and reassemble the headset on the bike and I cleaned and installed the stem/handlebars. Once the inner tubes and tires come, I’ll get those put together too.

Then it’s brakes and cables/levers. I may try to do the brake cables myself. I’ve never done it, so I’ll research how in youtube.

Luna is not impressed

Here’s a front shot of the stem and bars. They are both vintage Cinelli too. I was going to put a flat bar on the bike- but I think I have to keep these cool criterion drop bars.

I’m getting very excited to complete this bike and then do an inaugural ride. He’s going to be pretty!

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1 Response to Putting It Together…

  1. Doréus says:

    Fascinating. Reading you I cannot help but think that I own a 1978 vintage ten-speeder (which I replaced in the 1990s when the back axle gave way).. Well, it’s at the other end of the country, at my parents’ place, but I could always bring it here and fiddle around with it if I felt like it… It’s also funny to think of a bike from the 1990s as “vintage”, as the one I currently ride (the one that replace the 1978 version) was purchased in 1994. Well, it’s a hybrid and not very sexy, but it still runs great!

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