Mask 4…?

Yesterday I had to go in a business trip to Watertown, South Dakota. We had an irate customer who needed calming down, and since it was a quality issue I naturally had to go. Also along on the trip was my shady boss and a manufacturing manager.

We all rode together. It’s about a 4 hour drive, one way. So that was 8 hours trapped with them talking about fishing and women’s tiddies and such.

Oh. And they didn’t have masks.

Then we get to the customer in South Dakota. I am the only one wearing a mask. Anywhere in their facility. I could feel their eyes and judgment the entire time. A freakin’ liberal mask-wearer.

Once we got the customer calmed down, then it was time for the obligatory lunch. Inside. In a restaurant. Where nobody was wearing masks. Thank god it wasn’t busy at all. But still…

It was at lunch where the real fun discussions happened.

Since we were done with business, now it was time for the small talk. Including politics. And Covid. I tried my level-best to steer away from this shit and keep topics light and breezy— but no. My shady fuckin boss opens the door by bitching about the riot And looting and asking if the SoDak people had “such nonsense”. And then asked how conservative South Dakota was.

At this lunch I heard the following:

-we didn’t have issues with looting here cuz we have guns and we just had folks out protecting our businesses

-They tried to protest here. We just sort of waved and thought it was “nice”.

-everyone was so proud and excited to have Trump here for the 4th. Even hundreds of miles away we felt the excitement

-The liberal media is skewing the news cycle

-Mark my words, Covid will disappear come November 4th

-South Dakota never closed anything. We just haven’t had any Covid issues. Well other than “those people” at the meat packing plants.

-There’s so much misinformation out there about Covid, you just don’t know what to believe.

-We’ve been having Street dances and festivals. Nothing had changed here.

Those are just some of the highlights. There was more about the riots and about Covid, but I can’t remember specifics. The whole meal was macro and micro aggressions about liberals (aka me). I was uncomfortable the entire time and trapped in the situation.

And today I just have this seething anger about the whole thing. I wish I could have said “I shouldn’t have to explain why you should care about others!” If I had balls and was willing to lose my job, I would have.

I’d have said that and more. So much more. But I didn’t. I held my tongue and tried to steer to safe topics. Because after all, what’s the point? These people are fucking idiots.

I would just be screaming into the void with no substance there to reflect my words.

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3 Responses to Mask 4…?

  1. truthspew says:

    Wow – never really been in a red state like that. You have my sincere condolences on that.

  2. Terry says:

    I wish you could have punched the entitled white straight assholes in their unmasked faces.
    But alas…your career. 🙁

  3. anne marie in philly says:

    covidiots cannot be cured of their stupidity. the only solution is for them to catch the virus and die.

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