Got Junk?

No, this isn’t a veiled sexual innuendo or salacious penis post. This is about the Got Junk folks.

I was home at mom’s place this weekend and I accomplished one of my New Years resolutions. Which was to clean out her basement and garage of accumulated crap.

Mission accomplished.

Now, I really don’t think my mom is a traditional “hoarder”. She is just kind of lazy when it comes to throwing stuff out. It’s not that she really wants to keep the stuff, it’s just easier to stash it and “deal with it later”— only later never comes because she forgets she has it.

We filled up an entire “Got Junk” truck with 50 years of accumulated stuff.

There was an old treadmill and an old exercise bike. And old, semi-rotted dressers. And the old furniture left by grandma. And a broken microwave. And planters. And broken Xmas decorations. And lumber. And an old metal storage cabinet. And carpet remnants. And and and…

I didn’t get to get rid of the paint (20 or more 1/2 empty cans worth). That’s the next project. I’m also trying to sell mom’s gas grill and a 4000kW gas generator on Craigslist for her. And I took an old bike to donate.

Everything looks much… tidier now. And more manageable. Not that there isn’t still crap to dea with. It’s just been significantly reduced.

I feel accomplished.

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1 Response to Got Junk?

  1. Jdw says:

    Incredible job . You deserve applause 👏!

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