Keeping Your Word

Keeping your word is a big thing with me. If you say you’re gonna do something, you should do it. It’s one of the things I judge people on- sharply so. And if for some reason you can’t keep your word, how you own up to it is also something I judge.

I think it speaks to honesty and how you value it.

This goes for small things like when people agree upon a time to meet for something— or bigger things like a promise on something.

Like when a hiring manager promises to get back with you in a few days and then never does.

I recently had a phone interview for potential employment at a new job. Looking back I should have taken better note of some of the red flags, but I was being optimistic about the opportunity. Anyway, there were signs that maybe this wasn’t a good fit for me. Sigh.

The HR guy interviewing me was also the person to whom the position would report. Why the quality manager would report to the HR manager and not the operations manager was never fully explained. Also, the guy did NOT have a good response to my question about how his company had ensured worker safety for COVID and how they managed to navigate it as they are an essential business.

He couldn’t answer questions like “what is the number one quality issue your company faces?” And he couldn’t really give me a nuts and bolts answer for what the position needed to be to best help the company.

Also, the interviewer just came off as a bit too… glib. One of those “talkers” that just seems to talk around you and your questions. I bet you all can picture the type.

Anyway, at the end of the phone interview he said that he had several more phone screens to do, but that “he would get back with me early next week”. My interview was on June 4th, btw. He also was very clear that “he would let me know one way or the other and he wouldn’t leave me hanging.”

As all this was handled through a resume submission site and subsequent call, I didn’t have anything but his cell phone number for contact purposes. I didn’t want to pester him on his personal cell, but seeing as I hadn’t heard anything yet… Anyway, I decided to call him at lunch today to follow up.

Cb: hello ______, this is cb. You had interviewed me for the quality manager position back on the 4th and I wanted to follow up with you to see if the position was still available and if you might need any additional information from me?

Him: Oh. Yeah. Hi. Um… we decided to go with some other candidates instead. Sorry.

Cb: oh that’s ok. Thank you for your time and consideratio…

Him: yeah, I was trying to reach you last night and was having trouble with your phone number.

Cb: … ok. Well thanks again.

There was no call last night. No attempt at emailing me. Nothing. He had my contact info on my resume- he just blew me off and “left me hanging”. After saying he wouldn’t. And then he fabricated some story rather than owning up to blowing me off. Sure, a week after you promised, you decided to physically call me but then had “phone issues”?

I already have a shady boss that pulls shit like this. I think I may have dodged a bullet here, although it still sucks a little bit.

And the job hunt continues.

About cb

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2 Responses to Keeping Your Word

  1. truthspew says:

    Just chalk it up to people are flakey.

  2. GregM says:

    I would have pressed him on the “trouble with your phone number”.

    “Oh really? What kind of trouble were you having?”

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