So shines a good deed in a weary world

Yesterday I get to work and one of my employees says to me, “Hey, I’ve got something for you. It’s from my daughter.” He then hands me four small bags containing rainbow “pride” bracelets.

He then proceeds to explain that his daughter and some of her friends started making some of these bracelets for the gay student alliance at school. But then they got contacted by other groups to make some for their alliances as well. And then by some more folks looking for simple bracelets. And then they got asked to also make some “Black Lives Matter” bracelets.

It sounds like the intent is to sell them and 100% of the proceeds go to either gay alliances or funding rebuilding efforts in southern Minneapolis. My employee and his wife own an ice cream shop and they donated all the materials.

How cool that the kids are getting involved in this way. And what a lovely gesture, to think of me and give me a few bracelets as well! Especially since I don’t really talk about the gay thing at work.

Lately I’ve been less secretive, and I have mentioned the gay men’s chorus, so it’s not like they don’t know. But we just don’t talk about it so very much.

One size fits all.

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2 Responses to So shines a good deed in a weary world

  1. Blobby says:

    does wearing it on your right hand mean your a bottom or a top?

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