Bread! Glorious Bread!

I finally made homemade bread last night.

In the bread machine.

That I bought.

Over a month ago.

Yes, like most things during this Covid-19 period, it was a saga. First I ordered the bread machine from Amazon. It was the KBS Pro Stainless 17 function Model. High amazon recommendations, lower price. So I figured why not?

Well, after about 3 weeks it finally arrived. But then came the chore of finding all the ingredients to actually make bread.

The stores I went to? No bread flour. No yeast. No sugar. No powdered milk. No baking powder. No eggs. You get the picture.

Over a couple weeks I was able to score bread flour. And eggs. And baking powder. And sugar. But no yeast. The most important ingredient and there was no yeast to be had. Anywhere.

I finally found some through Amazon and ordered it. My one pound pack arrived yesterday. Hallelu!

So I found a basic white bread recipe, dumped in the ingredients. Hit start and… voila!

Three hours and 11 minutes later— warm, crusty bread.

I had a couple slices last night while it was still fresh and warm. With butter. It was yummy (mostly because I haven’t had bread in my house in 9 months).

Now I just have to get some sourdough started.

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2 Responses to Bread! Glorious Bread!

  1. truthspew says:

    For sourdough ap flour and wheat flour. The thing that killed it for me when I made mine having to just toss half of it before feeding it. Ut si.

  2. anne marie says:

    looks dee-lish. nothing like hot homemade bread with no artificial anything in it or on it. KBS will be my next purchase when my welbilt takes a shit and dies.

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