I did a thing

Ok- someone needs to stop me. I bought another goddamn bike. Well— part of a bike anyway.

I love my new Miyata, I do. It’s great and vintagey. And pretty. But when I ride it I realize that I want to go faster.

I also realized that I STILL want to build my own bike. Spec it out and choose everything. And assemble it (or at least most of it).

And seeing as how I won’t be going in any vacations or anything this year…

My pink bike!!

This will be the foundation of my new bike. It’s a track, pursuit-style bike frame. A bit more aggressive in geometry. Light as fuck. And it’s PINK! Or salmon. Or tiddy pink. Or some such.

I love it. And I can’t wait to build it!

I’m already using my buddy Reese to figure out the componentry. All the components will be black. Even the chain.

This is sort of what my vision for the bike will be. Although probably not the ridiculously expensive aero wheels.

This will be my “fast” bike. Or at least I hope so. The light weight, stiffness, aggressive angles, and slightly larger chain ring should allow me to churn out some speed.

I know, I know. I’m ridiculous. But we all have our things, right?

About cb

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