Bike trials

Okay, so I wanted to tweak my new bike (Raku) and add a front porteur rack. Basically it’s a rack with low sides that you can put a bag in, or groceries. Or whatnot. It looks cool too. So I ordered the recommended model online, because how hard could it be to install?

Jesus fucking Christ.

For one thing, it comes with no directions. Like there aren’t even directions you can access online. None. Not even a parts detail list of which screw/washer/nut goes where. It’s a goddamn free for all.

It’s like getting an IKEA malmön and not having anything but a google image to go by.

Also a challenge was when I opened the parts bag and there were 4 different types of bolts present, lock washers, some knurled nuts, and some regular hex nuts. Of the 4 bolts, there were 2 of one, 2 of another , 3 of another, and 3 more of another. PS- did I mention that part of the assembly requires 4 of the same type of bolt?

I did find one YouTube video— which was janky at best. It didn’t talk about the nuts and bolts assembly, but it did give me a heads up that I would have to cut the metal brackets at the bottom to fit.

Let me say that again. Cut. The metal. Brackets. Cut them with what??

What kind of user experience person greenlit this design??

It also doesn’t tell you that in addition to figuring out where the fuck to mount the top bracket, you’re also probably going to have to deform it to fit over your brake assembly. And then pray that mounting holes line up.

My evening was chaos.

I spent 2.5 hours working on just mounting a goddamn front rack and FAILED.

I brought in some pieces to work and I’ve used our tools and equipment to bend and cut and get the shit ready for round two. Also, I think I’m going to have to adjust the front brake when all is said and done as it appears I’ve fucked it up somehow.

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1 Response to Bike trials

  1. West says:

    I have taken my bikes to the bike shop and have them install the racks. It’s not expensive plus the owner is brutally hot and I always end up Talking to him about bikes (and fighting the urge to 🤤 drool)!

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