Job Interview 2

So, as you may be aware, I have ramped up my search for a new job. I just really can’t stand where I work anymore; it’s well past time for me to get out. And now that we’ve passed the Christmas bonus and the 401k contribution, there’s no better time.

I tweaked my résumé, and have been applying for basically any job that fits what I can do. I’m all over glass door, monster, linked in, etc. I’ve had several rejections, a couple nibbles…

And one bite.

About 2 weeks ago I was contacted by a company in a suburb of Minneapolis who is looking for a quality manager. I have like 97% of the qualifications to do this job. Good things about it are the fact that it’s a well established international company, it is NOT automotive, and the compensation is right where I need it to be.

I had an initial phone interview which went really well. This afternoon I have a second phone interview with the manager to whom I would report. It was supposed to be a face to face interview, but Covid protocols have changed it to the phone.

I’m cautiously optimistic.

I mean, this is a weird time to be looking to jump ship. There’s probably a recession coming, what happens with healthcare, what if I have to start but work from home, etc. But if not now, when?

I hope I’m not trading a horrible work environment for an equally bad situation. I’ve already started a pro/con list– so far the biggest con is a longer commute.

Send good juju around 4 pm central.

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2 Responses to Job Interview 2

  1. Infinite Jester says:

    I sent it (the good juju)! Hope it went well for you.

    I personally have a bad history of leaving one type of hellish job for another, equally hellish position.

    If possible, it would be great to be able to speak with at least a couple of current employees: one long-term and one relatively new hire.

    I’m sure you know to ask questions such as: why the position is open (new vs. replacing someone who left/was fired), if a replacement how long had the employee held that position, did they achieve it via internal job promotion or direct hire, if via internal promotion what their previous positions were and length of time held, will current employees possibly resent you for replacing person (especially if that person was fired or the position is open to current employees who may be applying for same position and you will now manage, etc.).

    As for benefits, once you are (hopefully) offered the position, you should ask about health insurance options and compare them to your current coverage (especially important if you have any sort of condition that requires regular medication and/or requires visits to a specialist (compare costs). I can’t recommend enough the importance of short-term and long-term disability coverage. You can start learning more about that HERE if you aren’t familiar with those.

    Finally, for me personally, a bigger commute would nix it, b/c I *hate* rush hour traffic LOL.

    Best of luck to you, and I hope you keep us posted!

  2. Martin says:

    What Infinite Jester said. Me, too. Cover your ass. Much luck. mwg

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