Strange Days

As the Covid-19 issue ramps up, things are getting interesting.

So far I haven’t had trouble getting food or fuel (or TP), and I haven’t experienced long lines or fights or anything. I’ve seen some picked over shelves, but that’s about it.

I’m glad I got my mom home when I did as her care facility was going on lockdown. I had to fill out paperwork just to get her out of there and to say I hadn’t been traveling or exposed. I still worry about her, plus she’s still going to be having health care folks in and out.

I’m sort of glad my father passed when he did. He would have been at very high risk with his advanced cancer. Plus the stress would have been tremendous on him.

I have a second interview with the company I interviewed with a little over a week ago. Originally I was going to go in for a face to face, but as of today it got switched to a phone interview as their facility is closed to all outside people.

I’m kind of wondering how you they’ll proceed if they want me. I mean, this is probably the worst possible time to try to switch jobs, right? Will they want to hire even though there will be an economic downtown? Do I want to risk that? And how does healthcare work during the switch? So many questions.

My work finally starts developing a plan, which is good. We are holding all meetings “remotely” so I get to sit at my desk and log in. Is it my fuckin birthday??? I wanna do this ALL the time! I can mute myself, Kill my video, and do work during it!

Chorus and band have been suspended until further notice. I believe my gym is still open, but I’ll be “socially distancing” myself from there. It’s just a matter of time before it closes.

Other than all that, my life isn’t that different. I’m sort of introverted so I spend much of my time alone anyway. I will get marginally lonesome, as my extracurricular sat least afforded me a modicum if social interaction.

Strange days indeed.

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1 Response to Strange Days

  1. truthspew says:

    Oh hell today for the first time I had traipse to the grocery store. Still lots of bare shelving. People are fucking hoarding stuff. If they’re trying to resell it for a profit I see we lop off their hands.

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