Trying not to worry

Mom’s surgery went well and the doc said everything looked great the next day. She was fairly peppy on Tuesday and up/talkative. Getting around ok.

Today though is different.

She had an “episode” this morning when they got her up to go to the bathroom. She was foggy and was having trouble making herself walk. Like she was disconnected. She was mentally aware of where she was and what was going on, but she evidently was having trouble motivating herself to move, etc.

I wasn’t here for that so all of this has been relayed by the nurse in duty.

They think it might be opioid related but they aren’t sure. So she’s off the opioids and now on Tylenol. And although I’ve seen her walk a bit today, and she was able to talk to me ok (no signs of stroke) she is just suuuuuper sleepy.

Right now she just keeps sleeping. Maybe everything caught up to her and her body needs sleep. I just hope this was medicine dosage related and she’ll come out of it.

But I worry it’s related to the anesthesia. Or her Parkinson’s. Or a combo of factors. I don’t know.

I hope she perks up later and seems more awake and normal. I’m also glad they didn’t kick her out of the hospital on Tuesday like they usually do.

More later.

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