What rhymes with colonoscopy?

Ah, the joys of turning 50. I have my first colonoscopy tomorrow. I’m a little nervous seeing as how my father died from colon cancer.

Since he was diagnosed at 70, it makes it doubly important I get one now. (No other family members have had it though).

I’m now at the “clear liquid diet” stage which is gonna make me cranky as all get out. (No coffee? Really??) then later today I begin “the poopening”.

I’m really not looking forward to that. Although I just had food poisoning a month ago so I k ow how it’s going to go.

I’m also frustrated and saddened by this process. Because they put you under, they make you have a driver- someone who will stay for the process and then get you home. My problem? I don’t have anyone for this kind of stuff.

I don’t have family up here, and no partner. And I have a very limited scope of friends– all of whom work during the day. It just brings everything into sharp relief– I really have nobody to help with medical things. And as I age this is just going to get worse.

I did find someone and ask them to be my driver/person- but I feel really guilty about it. Like I’m asking too much of this person. But they were literally the only person I could think of that has some freedom in their morning schedule.

I hate this.

Getting older sucks.

This isn’t how I envisioned my life.

Wish me luck tomorrow.

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1 Response to What rhymes with colonoscopy?

  1. Mark says:

    I just went through the same thing. Everyone tolerates their prep differently. I thought it wasn’t as bad as I was planning for it to be.
    The twilight sleep is so sweet. No wonder MJ became an addict.
    I know the feeling of being alone. I had to hire someone to be my ride and stay during the procedure. I took an Uber to the appointment, met my friend at the hospital waiting room. She wished me luck and was there when it was over. She made sure I opened the door to my house and was gone once I was comfortably inside. I slept the rest of the day.
    It all made me sad the same way your feeling.
    Can you move to Seattle and we could be old bitties together?

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