Weekend Musings

By all accounts I had a good weekend. It was busy, productive, and I had some scheduled fun.

Friday night was me being a hermit. I needed to practice my euphonium for the concert Saturday, so after working out I sat down and played through my music for an hour and a half. I’m glad I did as I think it really helped solidify the music under my fingers.

Saturday I was up early as I had an oil change and routine maintenance appointment on my FJ. It went smoothly and Moose should be ready for the winter. Then I had a good gym workout and ran a few errands.

Saturday evening was my band concert. It went well for me- the best I’ve played all the music. Well, except for the opening piece where my head wasn’t in the game yet. But the two hardest pieces where I have solo lines went very well. And the band played well overall which was nice.

After the concert, I had a hallowe’en party to attend. It was a good excuse to have a few beers after the concert (and to dress like a slutty cowboy). With my mask I called myself the “Bone Ranger”. Yes, I got many groans for the pun.

Sunday was a lot of work. I did a ton of document shredding– shredded all of my dad’s old tax returns (except past 5 years) and I did the same to my old returns. Then there was some additional cleanout and donation of stuff that I really don’t need or want.

I rearranged my shelves to contain rocks and Native American artifacts and fossils and books and stuff, and I stored the rest so it’s not sitting out as clutter. And I shifted around my plants that I brought in for the winter.

Plus vacuuming and cleaning and dishes and laundry.

Then chamber rehearsal last night.

All in all, a busy and fruitful weekend.

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