So, the sale of my father’s house did NOT go through last Friday.


It came down to an issue with my father’s mortgage company (Freedom Mortgage). They would not release the final payoff information to the realtors no matter what we did or said. Because of this, the seller’s lender would not approve the sale.

We tried everything– called the mortgage company numerous times. Got my estate attorney involved. Tried to get the lender to approve based on the last mortgage statement and payoff listed.

No dice.

Evidently Freedom Mortgage required my first born and signatures in blood. My realtor people had been working on this info for like 10 days. First it was “submit a written request.” Then it was “submit the letters of appointment from the state of Iowa”. Then it was “submit copies of my photo ID” to prove who I am.

All so that I can GIVE them money.

We got them all the paperwork by Thursday– then they said they needed a minimum of two business days to “vet me” and then release the payoff info. Which basically fucked the closing.

None of this should be hard. I’m literally trying to give them money and they are making me jump through hoops. My estate attorney was livid, exclaiming that in thousands of estates he has never had a mortgage company not release final payoff information, let alone request photo ID.

The buyers were understandably not happy either. So much so thAt they issued a “notice to perform” to my realtor. She told me thAt this is the first time in her career that buyers have issued this kind of notice.

This is a lot of “firsts” with this deal.

The good news is that today we got the payoff information from Freedom. So things “should” be a go for the rescheduled closing of October 7th.

Of course I’m not counting any chickens, given how this whole process has gone. Keep sending good karma my way on this, please.

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