More shit.

Figuratively and literally.

We’re getting down to the short rows when it comes to the sale of my father’s house. It’s now all the last little bits of inspections and repairs– and final cleaning.

Last Friday was the purging and inspection of the septic system. While the tank itself is fine- the septic needed a recharging of the peat system. Evidently this is a different type of septic that doesn’t have a drain field. Or some such.

At the end of the day it’s yet more money to fix.

Which is on top of the other little inspection things that the seller would like money toward at closing.


However, all things are still a “go” so I was down this past weekend to visit the lawyers to sign a bunch of sale documents. I was also down to tackle the last push of cleaning.


I opted for one of those “bagster” dumpsters. You buy them at Home Depot and you fill them with building materials and other crap, then you call and waste management hauls them away. For a fee of course.

I figured I had enough remaining crap to fill up one. I filled TWO, and there is still a small amount left.

There was way more squirreled away in the 3 car garage than I had anticipated. And also in the utility room. And a couple spare closets.

This doesn’t count the regular waste bin and the recycle bin that I filled. Nor does it include the two trips to goodwill that I made to donate kitchenware and blankets and camping gear and….

Needless to say, I’m pooped.

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  1. Blobby says:

    My mother had been cleaning out her house – slowly but surely – for years before her death. Still, my sister ordered the industrial dumpster, which I thought was silly and we could do it with one of those soft-sided ones. We TOTALLY filled the industrial sized container.

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