Shoddy Workmanship

I’m getting very disgruntled by the poor project management that’s being demonstrated time and again in various construction projects around the city. Especially involving infrastructure and repair.

Now I get that we’ll always be in a cycle of pothole and road repair. The city is growing, and the freeze/thaw cycle wreaks havoc on the pavement. Repair is just a natural part of things. But some improvement projects have really been botched recently. And it’s just sad.

And wasteful.

Take, for example, the street in front of my condo building. Last year they tore up the exact same 100 feet four different times in order to repair the same sewer pipe!!! Seriously. Four times.

Then there’s the street in front of my workplace. Due to all the condo construction in the area, they now need to redo a water main. They’re working their way down the entire street.

Anyway, This construction group tore up the street at the busy intersection at the end of our building, redid some pipe, refilled and repaved the area two weeks ago. And then last week they busted up the brand new pavement and redug the whole area. And it’s still an open pit!

What has me griping the most is the parking lot in front of my condo building. This lot took them over two months to dig, reimagine, and resurface last fall. It was supposed to be a more ecologically friendly design and also improve the aesthetics.

In the process they tore down the grand awning for the main building and got rid of the circular drive and landscaping in the name of more parking. All the trees/shrubs/planters– gone. In its place, just a big, empty parking lot with a ditch in front. And an ugly building facade.

When they paved, they never blended the cement curbs into the asphalt, so there’s a 2″ lip at the lot’s surface. Furthermore, they took out the ramp access in front of our condo doors, so there’s no way to easily get to the door with either a wheelchair or a cart full of groceries.

But it didn’t stop there.

The wonderful “redesign” has screwed up the drainage in the lot so that whenever it rains we have a lake that swamps the spots nearest the building and also creates mosquitoville in the ditch. Also, the spaces are so close together that cars can’t easily back out without hitting things.

And don’t get me started on the entrance/exit redesign.

Anyway, the complaints have been numerous and unending.

So the last few weeks the lot is being worked on– AGAIN! They’re redesigning the parking so that’s it’s now appropriately angled while redoing the entrance. This still won’t fix the ponding and the fact that all the landscaping is gone.

My beef is: why weren’t these projects done correctly the first time around? Who was responsible for the shitty civil engineering and project management? And isn’t anyone pissed at the sheer waste? The material and labor wasted is atrocious.

And what about the disruptive aspect?

What a goddamn mess.

Shit like this really pisses me off because each instance could have easily been avoided with some more careful planning in the early stages.

Oh, and don’t EVEN get me started on the I-35 construction project near downtown Minneapolis. Ugh. Y’all about a never ending goatfuck.

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