Luna update

Well, it’s been close to a year since I adopted Luna kitty, and she had mostly settled in. Mostly.

She is about 90% sweet and 10% cunt. So, probably much like any young cat.

She meows and meets me at the door most days (unless I catch her mid-nap). I can pick her up and give her loves while we walk around the condo and she’s totally okay with it- she just purrs away. But if I try to sit and hold her, she gets antsy.

Luna does like her food. Unlike her predecessor who nibbles occasionally, Luna finishes her food right now. And then begs for more like she’s starving.

She does like to be close to me, or at least within sight. I can generally pet her quite a bit when she’s within arms reach– but then she’ll eventually get chippy about it and then nip at my hand. And her teeth are sharp.

Luna doesn’t really claw my furniture (she favors her scratch post) or me (thankfully, as there was a time when my arms were covered in scratches) and she isn’t very destructive. She also mostly leaves my plants alone. Phew! But I can’t have toilet paper out as she’ll paw the whole roll onto the floor. And certain wool toys she just eviscerates.

I’ve just started to try trimming her nails– we’ll see how it continues to go. It’s really a two person job unfortunately, but she wasn’t awful about it. I’m using treats as bribes.

Early on, Luna was very playful with her catnip toys, chasing them, batting them, tossing them in the air. But she’s becoming less enthusiastic about them. Which is ok- although I miss seeing her flipping the things in the air.

She sleeps with me every night, somewhere on my bed. Usually at the foot of the bed or by a hip. Occasionally she’ll plant herself closer to my head. She likes to wake up around 5:30am, at which time she may walk on me or lightly paw at me to see if I’m ready to give her breakfast. If I don’t stir, she settles back down to wait.

Luna is super curious and loves to explore open cupboards, doors, etc. And she likes to investigate sounds and movement. She is definitely not a fraidy-cat! Not even with thunder or strangers or fireworks. Except perhaps dogs, of whom she is wary.

She’s also smart. Much like a velociraptor she can open closet doors and tries to open cupboards. Clever girl.

The one thing I wish is that she were more of a cuddles. She just doesn’t like to be on me, or held close. At least not yet. I’m trying to work on it slowly.

I think she finally trusts me that I’m not going to hurt her and that I give her food and such.

All in all, I think she’s a pretty good kitty.

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1 Response to Luna update

  1. anne marie says:

    such a pretty girl! perhaps the catnip in the old toys has lost its scent? she is a good companion.

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