Marie Kondo in the Condo

This past weekend I went down to Iowa and got quite a few things accomplished. Hired an estate attorney. Worked with an estate planner (dad’s planner guy- bonus, he’s easy on the eyes). Cleaned up dad’s koi pond. Mowed and raked.

I also went through his downstairs office and got it “nearly” clean. There’s some art supplies that I have to send to a friend, but otherwise it’s fairly clean. And I cleaned out the upstairs desk.

Also I got some family/friend help to do some other cleanup. His books were donated to planned parenthood for their book sale. And some family helped me go through the kitchen. Sent his good cookware and plates to good homes.

Oh, and sold his car for a dollar to friends of the family. And gave them his bike too. So, all in all, many good accomplishments.

Naturally, with all the cleaning and purging, I came across a few items that I needed to take home with me. I’m not taking much, just the important and useful stuff. Some memorabilia. But it’s still more than my small space can absorb.

So “konmarie” to the rescue!

It has been coming for quite some time; I have small pockets in my condo that have accumulated “crap” and I’ve just been ignoring it. Out of sight out of mind. But now that I have some more items to store/display, it was time.

I cleaned out some closet storage bins and two cub boards. (Lots of old apple cords and accessories). And I edited my shelves. I have books to donate, and I took a box of other donations to our condo collection area.

The one thing that I’m still working on a solution for are my parents old records. I inherited (from both) a LOT of old vinyl. Lots of jazz. But I have no record player. And no way to display/store them yet- other than plastic bins.

Anyway. More work lies ahead. But a good dent had been made.

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  1. truthspew says:

    You can get fairly inexpensive USB connected turntables and digitize to mp3’s.

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