I love conspiracy theories– well, most of them anyway. Mainly because I believe that with the money and resources the government has, they can pull off some shit. (Especially after watching this administration work).

Now, I’m not a hard core believer in any of them, but I do find them interesting. And sometimes I love saying the moon landing was faked just to get a rise out of folks. (Although how we made it to the moon on slide rule and abacus technology and then haven’t gone back does seem… curious).

Anyway, something on NPR the other day mentioned 9/11– I don’t remember the context– but it got me thinking about the plane and the pentagon.

And this one has never completely sat right with me.

We all have seen multiple images and videos of the planes striking the twin towers. The devastation of the planes ripping completely through the structures and then the fires and aftermath. But I don’t recall a single image or video of a plane striking the pentagon.

From all the analysis, the plane had to be coming in about 20ft off the ground. I figure a 757 flying that low might be noticed. And caught on a traffic camera or tourist camera or surveillance camera or something.

And then there’s the aftermath at the Pentagon- we’ve seen those pics. A blackened V notch in the outer ring of the structure. Fire and rubble. But it really only took out a small chunk of the pentagon structure.

The twin tower planes ripped through the entire building with a massive fireball, but this fully fueled jet… didn’t? Maybe it was flying slower, or hit the ground first? But if so, then why wasn’t there more airplane fuselage in the pictures? Or if it was flying fast like the other planes and the plane itself basically disintegrated on impact, why wasn’t the building damage more extensive.

The level of damage caused to the pentagon structure just seems… incongruous.

Also, I’ve always wondered “why the pentagon”? Sure it’s a military building, but the World Trade Center was a big commercial target. Decadent west. Sky scrapers. Visual icons. The pentagon? Not so much.

Now the Capitol building which is just a few miles away? Now that would have created an impact. Seat of government. Iconic structure. Symbolic.

Maybe the plane just couldn’t get there for some reason and the pentagon was an alternate target?

Now, I’m not saying that the Bush admin blew up the pentagon to hide embezzles money or anything. And I want to believe that the Pentagon was actually hit by a plane that was hijacked by terrorists, case closed. But there are these sort of plot holes that are bothersome.

Maybe the reason you can’t really find any images of the plane hitting the building is because the government scrubbed them from the internet? Perhaps due to some secret building defense mechanism (missiles?) that they don’t want other foreign powers to know about? Or maybe it highlighted weaknesses in our defenses?

I don’t know. All I know is that google is chockers with conspiracy theories about flight 77 and the Pentagon crash. And it’s fairly impossible to find video or pictures of the plane hitting the building. Or plane wreckage around the building.

Conspiracy theories always spring up when there are informational voids. It’s people trying to backfill and make sense of a situation. I get it and I get why they do it. And I don’t really concern myself much with the spun web of conjecture and craziness that follows.


Why are there informational voids in the first place? Riddle me that, Batman.

P.S. Aliens really did help build the pyramids.

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