First off, let me say that I totally believe in this shit.

Secondly, how can people not come to these realizations on their own? You seriously need to have a person come in and tell you that you don’t need 7 sets of dishes and two closets full of clothes? Just realize you’re a fuckin hoarder and get help already!

And while I applaud Marie Kondo for capitalizing on this, there have been numerous iterations of this in the past. Like Swedish Death Cleaning. Which I’ve mentioned before.

My own version was called “the joy of purging” although looking back that sounded like a “bulimia for dummies” guide. Anyway, mine was about taking the opportunity to deep purge during moves. Only packing what you really want to keep, because packing and moving is a fucking hassle.

One of the best things I ever did was move cross-country from a 3 BR / 2 BA house to a 650 sq ft apartment. I think I cut out two thirds of my crap in that move. It was liberating.


Now, I will give it to Ms Kondo and her whole “spark joy” thing. That’s a good test. I think I was doing this, although not formally. I just went through old things and said, “Do you wear/use this? Will you ever?” And then I’d pitch it. Or keep it. Or donate it.

Since I haven’t moved in awhile, I use the new year as a “purge point”. Thankfully I have my life fairly pared down to manageable levels. I do need to go through my storage shelf in my laundry area and “organize” that shit. But my closets, cupboards, and other areas are fairly well in hand.

Could I be “leaner”? Always. But I don’t feel cluttered. And thankfully I don’t have a ton of books. Cuz books take up a lot of space, and they are kind of a waste if you never read them again. Also people seem strangely attached to them.

But let’s not get started on that, right?

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2 Responses to KonMari

  1. truthspew says:

    The one thing I did when we moved out of Providence was go through all my books. Anything I’d read and didn’t really enjoy (Think Atlas Shrugged) got tossed. But there were still about 15 boxes of books to store.

  2. Mark in DE says:

    At least twice a year I go through my closets (yes, plural) and pull out things I’m not wearing, for whatever reasons, and donate them to a thrift store that in turn donates proceeds to local community groups. I also feel liberated doing this. Once a year I do the same with household items, either for a community yard sale or straight-up donation. The less you keep, the easier it is to stay organized, find things, and saves time.

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