Moose needs surgery

I took my FJ Cruiser in for routine maintenance, and during the inspection I was informed that my front A arms and bushings need replacement. Along with a few other components.

Basically they said they didn’t want me driving the vehicle until the work could be done. (Yeah, that serious).

So it’s a darn good thing I got the extended warranty on the vehicle when I purchased it, right?

You would think so– but no.

You see, the A arms and bushings are “aftermarket” and were installed by the previous owner. As such they aren’t covered under the warranty.

This displeased me and I had a discussion with the dealership as they sold the vehicle to me as a certified used truck, and if they did their inspections as they claimed to, they would know about these aftermarket parts and so they could have explained the warranty limitations at the time of purchase.

Also, I’m a bit pissed because I’ve only put 9000 miles on the vehicle in a year and in that time these components have somehow gone from acceptable to failing through normal driving conditions.

Regardless, the work has to be done to make the vehicle safe. And it will restore it to OEM parts, which will help with future warranty concerns. But the cost is something I didn’t need before Christmas.

And working tangentially with the automotive industry, I get the whole aftermarket thing. The parts aren’t original, they don’t know who installed them, etc. But they still sold me the vehicle in this condition. It’s not like I had the work done.

The whole thing has kind of soured me a little.

I still love my FJ though. And I miss it! The loaner Corolla is sooooo small. And low!

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2 Responses to Moose needs surgery

  1. Mark in DE says:

    Auto warranties, home warranties, there always seems to be some loophole that allows them to exclude stuff.

  2. truthspew says:

    I’m considering buying a new Carolla – the feature set on it is awesome.

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