Gay Chorus Stuff

This past weekend were My chorus concerts, and by and large things went really well! I’m decently pleased with the outcome.

My voice held for all three shows (i had been fighting a cold/congestion for weeks) and I think I personally sang pretty decently.

I am part of our chamber ensemble (seen above). We actually opened the show singing Of the Father’s Love Begotten. It’s an acapella chant piece that we sang in an antiphonal setup in opposing balconies.

Talk about difficult!

Long, sustained straight tone singing, from opposite sides of the theater (so there is sound delay) with the conductor on stage. It was semi-nerve wracking!

After that we did this wickedly hard full chorus “Gloria In Excelsis” where the composer never wrote the same melodic pattern twice. While also varying rhythm.

It personally took me a solid month of rehearsing the piece on my own to memorize it. (We sing all music from memory). And I fucking crushed it!

The show was not all serious music. There was also some light-hearted, fun stuff. We had a “drunk Becky soprano” singing a queen of the night spoof:

We did a Edge of Glory/Gloria In Excelsis mashup, and then the show-stopper:

A retelling of Jesus’s story, as narrated by Cher. With dancing manger animals, a black Jesus, the golden girls and more!

Our skit was a little “controversial”. We used pop songs (like God sing that he wish that he had “Joseph’s girl”, and Mary singing “im not that innocent”) to embellish the narrative.

And we had a border patrol agent try to separate “Hay-Soos” from his parents. But since Mary and Joseph pointed out that they’re obviously white, everything was deemed ok.

The skit caused a couple older patrons to walk out in disgust. Oopsie.

Overall, it was a good first concert from our new director, Gerald Gurss:

This is Gerald.

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1 Response to Gay Chorus Stuff

  1. Old Lurker says:

    Good stuff. And aren’t you handsome in your suit!

    It’s a shame there was controversy. There was nothing controversial about Jesus’s birth at all. Just ask those affected by Matthew 2:16.

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