Actually more Busy-ness than anything else.

It’s the holidays. And end of year. And I’m swamped.

Chorus concerts are looming. I have a band concert (out of town) this weekend. Volleyball tournament was yesterday. 4 hour chorus rehearsal was Saturday.

And it continues like this until the second week of December.

In the midst of this, I am taking a week off (thanksgiving week) to go down and help my mom. She’s home and out of assisted care, which is good. But she still can’t put any weight in her ankle.

Which is bad.

Thank goodness my cousin Jill has available time, so she’s helping my mom out until I get there. What a godsend!

When I’m down there, I’ll be exploring options to get her a walk in shower. She just can’t effectively get over the tub edge. And at some point I need to hire those “we get rid of it for you” people where you point at crap and they take it away.

I’ll also be cooking thanksgiving dinner. I’m actually looking forward to that part– it’ll be nice to cook for her.

Anyway, I’ll be looking forward to a break once all my extracurriculars wind down.

Just in time for audits in the new year. Whee.

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3 Responses to Business.

  1. Infinite Jester says:

    Depending on your mother’s physical abilities, you might find that a shower bench will meet her needs. After all, it sounds like she’s going to need to have to sit, anyway. With a bench, part of it rests over the edge of the tub (which may be problematic spatially, depending on the bathroom layout). She sits down on it from outside the tub, then she can use her arms to help lift her legs in. Grab bars (NOT the suction cup kind!) are also a must. You’ll probably need to visit a medical supply store, or a specialty pharmacy. Finish it off with a hand held shower.

  2. Wade says:

    “We get rid of it people”? No! Craigslist is full of lesbians with trucks who will haul anything away. i found some in Pittsburgh and Houston. The Lesbians and their trucks are wonderful.

  3. Mark in DE says:

    Cooking for someone is a gift for them, so I’m not surprised you’re looking forward to this.

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