Swedish Death Clean: part II

I’m down visiting my mother and father this weekend. First up was my mom.

She’s been making really good strides since her Parkinson’s diagnosis. They have her on medication that has completely changed her trajectory. She’s much more mobile, chipper, energetic, etc. she’s been able to drive some again, and make dinner and shower. All the little things that make her feel alive.

And we have a plan for rehab, strength training, ankle surgery and for moving forward.

Anyway, in addition to checking in on her, I’m doing some chores. Aka yard work and “Swedish death cleaning”.

I think I’ve mentioned this philosophy before. It’s called “döstädning” and it’s the process of purging all unnecessary possessions and freeing yourself (and making less work for your family after you die).

Ideally you do the cleaning at midlife or so. And it can be done often if need be.

My mom sort of missed the memo on this.

Last time I was here we purged 5 garbage bags full of coats, shoes, and clothes that she never wears. I also cleaned cabinets and below her sinks and filled a huge recycle bin and a garbage bin.

This time we tackled her linen closet (packed to overflowing), her bathroom cabinets, and a large chest of drawers that was so full it wouldn’t open.

We successfully purged 3 more garbage bags of linens, towels, table cloths, place mats, baby clothes, and various other things. These will go to goodwill tomorrow.

We also organized the linen closet and her bathroom cabinets so that everything she needs in in reach and in pullout bins.

And Of course there was more garbage. And more recycling.

I also got her a new, lighter vacuum cleaner because her old behemoth finally gave up the ghost. The great news is that she’s feeling well enough that she can even vacuum a little.

I also got her outside today to enjoy the weather as I pulled weeds and cleaned up her flowerbeds and mulch areas. It really was a nice day to be outside.

As I write this I realize how tired I am. But it’s a good tired.

Tomorrow I head to dads for more chores.

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1 Response to Swedish Death Clean: part II

  1. Mark in DE says:

    You’re a very good son to be so helpful.

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