Pride Weekend Recap

I didn’t have an especially busy Pride this year. Which is pretty much the same as most years, I guess. Past a certain age, it is all just too enervating to deal with.

Plus I don’t drink that much, and loud, crowded bars aren’t exactly my scene.

So this year on Friday I went to the Pride Beer Dabbler. This is an event where all the local microbreweries set up tents and after paying one entrance fee, you can go to any tent and sample as much beer as you want.

It’s a great way to try new beers. Plus the park is chockers with hot menz.

I knew a couple guys going, so I met up with them there. Of course they each brought along a real friend to hang out with, so I was just kind of an extra.

Oh well– still good beer.

I didn’t do any official Pride events on Saturday. I did however get a last minute potluck invite from people from my book club. We were “cake testers” and we also played games. It was a good time.

Then on Sunday I decided to skip the parade (it’s not fun going to a parade by yourself), and then tried to get people I know to meet at the Eagle for the beer bust.

One couple that I know said they’d join me at the eagle. Of course they ended up bailing because they got invited to another bar instead.

At least I did run into some folks i sort of know, so I did have people to chat with. At 8pm I rode my bike home to eat dinner and get ready for Monday.

That’s about it. Not a spectacular Pride. I hope you all had good events and fun as we finish this gay holy month.

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Nickname: Munt Measurements: 45 B, 34, 38(?) Ambition: to be the best human ever! Turn ons: long walks on the beach, romantic dinners, porn, rainbows, cock Turn offs: bad smell face, men who are full of themselves, dead puppies, popcorn, sadness
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2 Responses to Pride Weekend Recap

  1. Mark in DE says:

    While it may not have been “amazing”, I’m glad you went. After all, where better for singles to meet other singles than at Pride events.

  2. truthspew says:

    It is funny I use more alcohol to cook than I drink lately. Certain dishes need a few ounces of wine or ale or beer.

    But we once again skipped the pride parade here in Providence. I usually run into a few people I know from previous jobs and such.

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