Yaaaaas Qween!

The Twin Cities Gay Men’s chorus Pride concerts are this weekend. And they feature the music of (you guessed it) QUEEN!

And this fat bottomed gurl is excited! Mainly excited to get them done and put a pin in this season.

Since the departure of our director after Christmas, the remainder of the season has been a bit challenging. We’ve had to navigate two different fill-in directors, with two different styles. Two different management techniques. Two different sets of expectations. Two different visions. And two vastly different concerts to prepare and perform.

Last concert was our angry protest social injustice concert. Heavy topics. Guest singers. A Guest conductor. And while it all came together in the end to be an exceptional concert, it was a bit of a rough go.

And now we embark on our lighter fare “rock concert” of Queen music.

The director for this one has been very “hands off” from a programming standpoint- leaving all the production to committee and other volunteers. And much of the music detail to us section leaders.

You know the phrase about “too many chefs”? Well….

We have drag queens. And dancers. 10 different soloists. And bike riders. And cowboy hats. And props (vacuum cleaners). And the scrim. And lighting affects. And choral-ography. And spoken word radio play interaction. And…

Well, It’s a lot.

I’m hoping and praying that this concert comes together (as they all seem to do at zero hour) but tech r hearsay was a goat fuck and right now this concert has a bit of a disaster vibe to it.

So that’s why I’m mostly anxious to just get this one in the books and get ready for next season.

With our new director.

About whom I’m very excited.

(He and I have already become friends on Facebook and are chatting via text on our phones).

Anyway- wish us luck this Friday and Saturday. Or if you’re in the twin cities, come out and see us as a kickoff for your Pride week!

My wrist is ready for the concert– and Pride.

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3 Responses to Yaaaaas Qween!

  1. truthspew says:

    Hey your watch runs on 24 hour time. My phone and computer do too – an after effect of having worked for an InfoSec company with clients around the world.

  2. Blobby says:

    gayest. watch. ever.

  3. Mark in DE says:

    Wow, that IS a lot of stuff for just 1 concert.

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