New Art

Ok, so I stumbled across this artist in my Facebook feed. His name is Kenney Mencher and he tends to cater to the gays by doing semi-erotic male art (I.e nudes, semi nudes, leather men, etc). I was drawn to one piece in particular– so I got it.

He works in different media; some is sketch work, some more precise painting, and some more impressionistic. Oils. Charcoal. Watercolor. Crayon. Canvas. Panel. Paper. His website is here.

He has an interesting bio and history. Used to do more big, gallery work– now does smaller, more affordable things to reach a wider audience. Check out his stuff– it’s all very reasonably priced!

Anyway, to Facebook draws me in and scrolling through his work I see Mysterious Skin. Out of all his work, it’s one of the pieces I’m most drawn to and I keep looking again and again.

It’s an oil on panel piece where he’s exploring using the brushwork in concert with the curves and planes of the body.

I like the light and shadows. The tonality. The texture of the paint. The energetic brushstrokes. To me it feels very “loose” and “free”. Full of frenetic energy and not overwrought. Like it was a good day and he dashed this off in a euphoric state and stopped at precisely the right moment.

And in true impressionistic style, from far away it looks like a shirtless, muscular man with a scruff of a beard.

Up close you can see the textures and can get lost studying the curves and planes:

To me it almost has a John Singer Sargentness to it– mixed with Monet.

One of the nice surprises was that the artist included a small watercolor male torso too

along with a lovely note thanking me for the support and talking about the work. He also included his bio that contains a lot of interesting info about his past work.

Pretty cool.

I think I scored a good one folks (he says it’s one of his favorites!). I can’t wait to frame it and add it to my bedroom gallery wall.


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