Black Panther

So, I saw the movie Black Panther last weekend. It was pretty good.

“Pretty good” is actually a ringing endorsement for someone who doesn’t really like the superhero genre. I mean, how many more goddam Spider-Man and Avengers movies do we have to suffer through?

At least Black Panther is a little different.

Things I liked:

  • The African American perspective
  • Female generals for Wakanda
  • The tribal aspect
  • The colors
  • The music
  • The idea of a blended tribal/techie African nation

Things I didn’t so much like:

  • The “over the top” technology
  • The ripoff of “the lion king” storyline

Things I loved:

  • The female general!

She. Was. Bad. Ass!

Overall the story moved pretty well and was interesting. I liked the struggle whether to keep Wakonda a secret or join the world to help elevate minorities and help refugees.

But the “dead king/son throne succession then challenged by evil side of family” just felt a bit too Lion King for me.

And the crazy tech? It was really too futuristic alien for my taste (spaceships with cloaks, pulse weapons, force fields). I just couldn’t suspend my disbelief enough.

I’m still a Guardians of the Galaxy guy. Give me a rag tag group of aliens over super powers any day.

But it’s still good. And more entertaining than the more recent Marvel fare.

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1 Response to Black Panther

  1. truthspew says:

    Yeah the color and positive focus was cool. N’Kia was a beauty too.

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