Super Blah

So, the Super Bowl is in town this week. Yay. And I find myself wishing it was next Monday already.

This thing is completely disruptive.

It started a few weeks ago with some road closures. Then more closures last week. Then construction of all these little venues, all of which are peppered through downtown.

Driving anywhere downtown has become a nightmare. And parking is even worse.

They’ve taken away metered parking and the few surface lots are charging premium amounts ($20, $40… I’ve even seen $65).

It seems most businesses have gotten in on the price gouging thing, too. Restaurants and hotels are ridiculous right now.

I had some friends go to the opening events on Friday and they said it was probably as close to Auschwitz as they’d ever be. Crowds of people herded along by police with automatic weapons. They couldn’t stop and stand to watch because of “safety”. And when trying to take pictures they were questioned.

I’m thankful that I live on the opposite side of downtown from the stadium– but I’m still close enough that it disrupts my routines for driving, working out, etc.

I think Super Bowls are better suited for touristy, party cities. Like New Orleans, or Miami, or LA or some such. Places where they’re used to large mobs of drunk people. Here in sweet Minneapolis, we just aren’t set up to handle this kind of riff raff.

I seriously can’t wait for this shit to be done.

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3 Responses to Super Blah

  1. truthspew says:

    Oh yeah when big events come to town it’s always fucked up. And I have friends on Facebook who support building a new PawSox stadium. Um no, not with public money.

  2. Blobby says:

    “as close to Auschwitz as they’d ever be….” I……I…….don’t even know what to do w that.

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