Fun with the FJ

So, the first week with my FJ Cruiser has been pretty good. The buyers remorse is wearing off and I’m getting used to the idea of having a different vehicle. Also, I’m finding myself actually excited to drive places. And I do really enjoy driving it.

Driving to and from Iowa was comfortable and easy. The ride is decently smooth (unlike he stiff suspension on the mini). And I enjoyed sitting up higher and the seats are decently supportive.

To give you an idea how much I like my new truck, I read the owners manual cover to cover on Christmas Eve.

We’ve also had some sloppy snow the past few days so I have kicked it into 4WD to test that out. It works great, btw.

I have noticed that the high center of gravity and fwd does make it less surefooted than the AWD minis. So that is taking a little getting used to.

Also- I had to replace the wipers on it. I know, right? What?? Well, evidently the dealer didn’t see fit to do that, which kind of bums me out. But it gave me good practice at doing it.

(PS– did I mention that the front windshield has 3 wiper blades? So quirky! So fun!)


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3 Responses to Fun with the FJ

  1. Infinite Jester says:

    Do you get much road noise from the roof rack?

  2. truthspew says:

    First lets clear the air – there’s 4WD and AWD – the key difference is in 4WD the axles are locked together and must rotate at the same speed, whereas AWD can split power easily between front and rear axles.

    But here’s what I find, AWD in the form of a Subura Impreza – very nice car. But she slips and slides like the rest of them even with AWD.

  3. Mark in DE says:

    3 wiper blades???

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