American Gods

So I’m finally getting around to watching “American Gods” on Starz. And I’m quite enjoying it!

I’m not one for “long arc dramatic series” shows– mostly I get bored or get too far behind. But this one I’m managing to watch in 2-3 episode chunks each night. And I really like all the characters and storylines.

(I loved the Neil Gaiman book when I ready it years ago, so….)

Mr Wednesday is particularly good. And Gillian Anderson as “Media” is chewing through scenery left and right!! Shadow’s zombie ex wife Laura Moon is hypnotic, and the 6’5″ leprechaun is fun! Oh! And Crispin Glover as Mr World? Creepy!

But my favorite storyline is that of the Jinn and the Omani salesman/cab driver.

On Tuesday night I finally got to see their “episode”. And by episode I mean sex scene.

Holy hotness, Batman!

So the Omani guy is new in American, selling trinkets for his brother in law, and he’s absolutely miserable. He gets in the cab of a fellow Arab– who turns out to be a Jinn who has fallen on hard times as nobody believes in his kind anymore. So he’s forced to drive a cab and he’s miserable too.

They start talking, and then then Salim (salesman) sees the Jinn’s eyes– which are pools of fire.

Recognizing him for what he is, the Jinn and he become closer– then there is a lingering touch…

Salim invites the Jinn up to his hotel room….

When the Jinn steps out of the bathroom clad only in a towel, Salim says “I wish you could see what I see….”

The Jinn lets the towel drop and says, “I. Do not. Grant wishes.” Salim approaches him and whispers shyly “But… you do.”

Then begins probably the most erotic lovemaking scene I have ever witnessed.

It’s all slow and sensual with this drowsy, exotic Arabic music in the background. And the jinn’s smoldering eyes are highly intense and erotic as hell.

As the Jinn approaches climax, his eyes burn more intensely and the scene transforms to them fucking on this ethereal desert plain. As the Jinn cums, you see fire start to burn and glow inside Salim, until it eventually spills out his mouth and eyes.

My god. It’s just so….



The next morning Salim wakes up alone, but the Jinn has left him his cab and clothes– and a new life.

I just hope their storyline isn’t over. I need more of this. Much more.

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1 Response to American Gods

  1. Mark in DE says:

    I’ve never heard of this series, but it sounds worth a try.

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