Digital Piano Debate

Until recently, I was firmly in the “acoustic piano only” camp. Organic sound. Craftsmanship. Dynamics. Weighted keys. Touch. Realness. Nuance. And digital pianos can’t match this and also get off my lawn you whippersnapper!And then I played someone’s Roland DP-90Se. And I was kind of blown away. The touch was so nice– and the keys felt like real goddamn ivory. And it played dynamically and sounded like a Steinway.

And it has so many features. Volume control. Headphone jack for silent practice. Built in song library. Multiple sound capability. MIDI export. Recording capability. iPad interfaces for apps and music learning. iPod interfacing for song libraries. Bluetooth connectivity.

All in a slim, space saving, modern package:Hello gorgeous!And so I have begun to covet. Which means obsession and endless online research into digital pianos– their reviews, cost, features, availability, etc. And while most folks are in agreement that you can’t beat an acoustic Piano’s sound and touch in concert hall settings, digital pianos hold their own or are now better than most lower and mid-end acoustic pianos. Digital just offer flexibility, features, and portability that acoustics just don’t offer. Not to mention the fact that they need no maintenance or tuning. I am smitten. If I can find a way to work a trade-in or consignment deal with a local music store, I may get one of these bad boys.

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4 Responses to Digital Piano Debate

  1. truthspew says:

    Wow $3500 for a keyboard in essence.

    • cb says:

      Well- ideally I would get an older or used model so as not to spend 3k.

      And I could spend the same on a piano that does even less than a “keyboard”

  2. wcs says:

    Hmmm… digital piano…. Oru kayak… Santa’s got some decisions to make!

  3. NIFP says:

    If you already have a space picked out for it, then I think you’ve pretty much bought it. Roland is a great brand, from what I understand. Can you set a Google alert, eBay alert, etc. for it?

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