Electricity! Electricity!

Remember that song from Schoolhouse Rock? Yeah, I always liked it. And I always remember it when I'm working with wiring.

Which I did last night. Successfully.

I managed to install a new kitchen island pendant light fixture all by my lonesome!

I had a 5 light, halogen, stainless steel light fixture before. But it's been finicky for the past year or so.

First one of the lights would go out occasionally. I'd have to jiggle it to get it to work. Then that light stopped working altogether.

Then another light stopped working.

And then, about two weeks ago, I flipped the switch and there was the tiniest pop– and the whole fixture was dark.

This was one of those lights with a built in transformer, and I figure it just finally died.

Which was nice because I wanted a new fixture anyway, and I didn't want halogen. So I started an intensive internet search for options.

I eventually lit (pun intended) on the fixture in the above pics. Brushed black anodized aluminum. LED. Adjustable height.

I like it. It's sleek and modern and more energy efficient.

And I do feel rather accomplished that I got the old fixture down and the new one up without incurring any damages or any electrical shocks.

And there were challenges. Like being on a step stool on top of my island and working above my head. And undoing the wiring from the old fixture with one hand while supporting the old transformer unit with the other.

Then there was the fact that the new light had a small "assembly issue" as shipment had caused some things to shift and wires to come apart.

And then there was the inexact wiring diagram on the directions which neglected to show all the wires. Coupled with being exceptionally tiny and unreadable.

And then there was my ingenious solution of using bread ties to hold the new fixture up in the air so I could get all the wires attached (as this was the only way to do it by myself).

Needless to say, there was some trepidation when I turned back on the circuit breaker and flipped the switch.

I am very pleased with the outcome. The light is crazy bright and I can eventually install a low voltage dimmer. And it has successfully turned on and off every time I've tried it.

Take that Bembridge Scholars!


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2 Responses to Electricity! Electricity!

  1. truthspew says:

    Pro Tip for you – nylon zip ties work amazingly well for things like that.

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