Copenhagen Wheel

Ok, I seriously want this.

MIT and who knows what other folks designed and built this new electric motor hub for your rear bike wheel. You know, because electric bikes are becoming all the rage.

And this one is fucking sexy.

It fits right on your current bike– just replace your current back wheel. It has a smartphone app. You can even use your phone to proximity lock and unlock the hub!

There's eco mode, regular mode, and turbo mode– which can get you up to 20 mph pretty quickly.

It assists automatically depending on pedal force, like at take off and on hills. And it has regenerative braking. And a "generation" workout mode.

80% charge in 2 hours. Full charge in 4. Weighs like 16lbs.

And did I mention it's fucking sexy as fuck?

My god, I've got such a chubby over this thing!

Granted, I do like the exercise factor with biking. But this would just be damn cool.

But it is a tad expensive. I'm gonna wait until the tech gets proven. Although reviews have been good.


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  1. Rex says:

    Is it supposed to be spelled OK or okay?

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