Don't you just hate it when people put an "x" in espresso? Supposably it's incorrect, irregardless of how many Americans feel.


I've been looking (off and on) for an espresso machine for awhile now. I am somewhat of a coffee whore (I do roast my own beans after all) and I thought it might be nice to have the option in my kitchen.

But those fuckers are EXPENSIVE.

I mean, sure you can get fairly cheap ones, but I'm drawn to the likes La Marzoccos and such. And then run about 5 G's or so. For the base model.


And so my search continued. Albeit fruitlessly. Until recently.

I will now be the owner of a "used" La Pavoni Europiccola espresso maker. It's fairly "old school" and very manual. But I like that.

It's a simple device. One on/off button. You fill with water, heat, and then basically you use the long handle and "pull the espresso shot". Or in reality you are manually pushing the hot water through the grounds and filter.

Coffee AND a workout!

I just hope I like it and it works decently. And that the learning curve for proper use isn't too steep.

And that I can work out the best fine-ness for my expresso blend.


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4 Responses to Expresso!

  1. truthspew says:

    We have a little espresso machine we got from a friend who didn’t know how to use it. I’ve used it a few times. And like you I roast and grind my own beans – and I love using the French Press for coffee. Plus by roasting my own – the quality of the coffee is MUCH better.

  2. wcs says:

    I had a La Pavoni machine for a couple of years (it was a gift). A little more modern than yours, but I loved it. It was easy to use, made great coffee, and looked nifty in the kitchen. Then one of the tubes inside busted and it stopped working. I tried for months to get a replacement tube but could never find one. The machine has been unused now for twelve years. Sad.

  3. Scott says:

    Agree about ‘expresso.’ “Irregardless’ also pervades written and spoken English, but ‘regardless’ by itself is just fine by itself IMHO.

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