Remember a few months back I dropped my iPhone and shattered the screen. And then I got the screen replaced so that I could wait to get the next gen phone.

And my phone worked fine. Well, mostly fine.

But for the past week or so, I've started having more and more issues. Mostly with the screen not responding to tough. But then sometimes it would also start typing random characters/emojis in my text Windows.

iShit you not.

And then today when I was trying to upload my Aquatennial fireworks videos to YouTube (so I could post them here for you guys) my phone got stuck in an upload loop. Unfortunately I didn't catch it until I had burnt through 5 gigs in my 3 gig data plan.

That fucking iCocksucker.

So now I'm wondering if I go get an older iPhone model (like a 6s–I have a 6), or do I get the 7? Or do I switch to a Pixel or Galaxy S8?

Regardless, I don't think my phone will last until the new iPhones arrive.



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2 Responses to iFuck.

  1. Dogdadny says:

    Since the 8 due soon, companies have started dropping prices and doing promotions to move current stock. You can probably get a 6 for close to the cost of a repair. Also check reconditioned options. Don’t switch away from Apple, unless you want to write post after post regretting it. I’m not putting the phones down, it just know when you’ve been with either Apple or Samsung, and I mean Samsung not Android because Android on anything else doesn’t compare, more often than not, people end up switching back.

  2. truthspew says:

    I thought iDevices were supposed to have super tough gorilla glass screens. All I know is my inexpensive Galaxy Core Prime has been dropped, kicked, and generally abused and the screen isn’t even scratched. And the phone cost about $100.

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