House Hunters

I blame HGTV. 

Whenever I can’t find anything of interest to watch on TV (which is almost every day during the summer) I turn to HGTV to veg out. Which then gets me thinking of homes. 

Which gets me thinking about moving. 

Which I don’t really want to do. Or do I?

I have continually maintained that I will never go back to a single family dwelling. I hate yardwork. And shoveling snow. And roof maintenance. And hvac maintenance. 

Condo living has freed me from all that. 

And I do love my condo. The high ceilings. The southern exposure. The balcony. The open floor plan. The LOCATION.

But recently condo living has been wearing a bit thin. 

Two of my neighbors have dogs now. Yappy.  Yappy. Fucking. Dogs. One barked for 3 hours solid the other night– a high pitched yip. That continued until about 11pm. 

And then there was the garage break in where my bike was ravaged. 

And the ever increasing HOA dues, yet we have no amenities to speak of.

And the fact that my mortgage interest rate is fairly high as I bought at the height of the housing crisis when loans for condos were fairly difficult to come by. And I haven’t been able to refi because there are a million hoops to jump through to refi a condo.  

And the feeling that my liberties are being curtailed by the homeowners association. 

So– all of this compounds to the point where I am looking on Zillow and to “just see what options might be out there”.

There are options. Small, craftsman bungalow options that I love the look of. In neighborhoods that aren’t bad. 

Pros are that since I bought at the bottom of the market, my place has REALLY gained in value.  And a single family home would probably lower my mortgage payment and I’d save the HOA fees. And I’d gain privacy. 

Cons are I’d lose my bike riding proximity to work.  And I’d have to assume yard work and home maintenance. And shoveling!

Plus, how do I time selling a condo while buying another home?  Is this a headache I want?

This is making my tummy oogy. 


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6 Responses to House Hunters

  1. Michael says:

    Being in a neighbourhood, there are always some kids willing to earn a few bucks by shoveling the driveway or mowing the lawn. Just need to find a reliable one.

  2. truthspew says:

    Well we’re entering the phase where we want to build a place. There are a few requisites – I guess I can live with the burbs but here they are:

    1) High bay garage. I like working on cars.
    2) An in ground swimming pool.

    Now I realize that the latter means lots of grass and concrete and I abhor cutting the grass. So I’ll go for robotics to do it for me. Same with snow removal.

  3. NIFP says:

    Along the lines of what Michael said, you should be able to afford to hire out the lawn and snow work, thanks to not having to pay HOA fees (unless you move into a community that has those). I find kids to be too unreliable, tho, and have always gone with services from either a big, official company (usually costs more, but sometimes you can find a price break if you agree to a contracted amount of weeks or months) or a smaller operation (check bulletin boards in grocery & home improvement stores near new neighborhood, Craigslist, Angie’s List, and ask your new neighbors; you can also often get price breaks with people like this if you agree to use them for a set number of weeks or months).

    Another point in favor of using a “professional” is that it is easier to schedule services at a time that is best for you, not some busy kid (the last thing you probably want is to come home from your stressful job and have to listen to the annoying sound of the small engines of lawnmowers and weed whackers, so you can schedule the lawn care while you are at work). And you can have a standing order for snow removal anytime there is accumulation. When using the small-time guys, I always paid cash, to keep my CC# and checking account info more secure.

  4. Bund1984 says:

    1) Snow Blowers!
    2) Get a small enough yard where mowing is not a castle, but you can still spruce up with plants.
    3) more wall space for art
    4) Back yard for cookouts
    5) The sheer joy of house shopping, there is nothing better 🙂

  5. Jeffrey says:

    Find someone who knows about houses, preferably a good renovator, to go with you and check things out. You’ve watched those shows: there’s always *something* lurking under the walls or in the basement, like water damage, roof that’s about to go, leaky windows, etc. Worth every penny.

  6. Mark in DE says:

    TV boredom isn’t the right reason to move. Your place is about a perfect match to your lifestyle as it gets. If the neighbors’ dogs are a problem then address it with them, either personally or via a note.

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