Tiny House?

Yesterday (as there is nothing on TV on Monday nights) I got sucked into watching Tiny House hunting on HGTV. 

It made me wanna slap some of these people. 

What hooked me was this young couple (the guy was hot) who had three children under the age of 5, a dog, and another fetus brewing, who were looking to downsize into a tiny house. 

Like 280 square feet of tiny.  

For six people. 

And a dog. 

And I was all “You have GOT to be shitting me with this.”  I mean, I could live in that space… maybe. If it had a normal toilet and a washer and dryer. 

All of this got me thinking– could I really do a tiny house?  And the answer is yes. If it were engineered for efficiency and it was modern as fuck. And about 400 square feet. 

I would want solar panels, and lots of glass. And thermal efficiency w/passive solar heating. And a septic system. And definitely a washer and dryer combo unit thing. 

And a cool location.

And it can’t look all country cottage; I want cool design. 

Like these:

And this one, with the lovely gay couple:

Yeah, I could live there. With them. 

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3 Responses to Tiny House?

  1. Jeffrey Rich says:

    The largest square footage I’ve lived in since 1 April 1991 is 600 sq ft, which is the apartment I now share with my husband — it feels luxuriously large. I owned a 375 sq ft house that was a little gem- had been an outbuilding for a farm in the 1870s. Loved that Little House. Husband did not, so I sold it. Although … he is now hooked on the Tiny Houses shows. The smallest place I lived (for a decade!) was a 13x 13 ft room off a barn that I shared with my first partner, 9 dogs, 9 cats and the occasional toad who would hop in through the cat door. We had 500 acres so there was plenty of space outside to move around in. I love tiny living! I have too much crap, though, and still can’t organize it well enough to squeeze into a teeny space.

  2. truthspew says:

    I’ve often thought something in that range of 400 or so for us but someone is a clothes horse so thats a no go. Need at least 800 to 1000 square feet.

  3. Mark in DE says:

    I understand a tiny house for a weekend/vacation getaway, but I can’t see how people (especially with kids and/or pets) can do it all the time. Most of those places have 1 closet that’s like 12″ wide. You could only have 7 changes of clothes, 4 pairs of shoes, and MAYBE 2 coats in there.

    I’m waiting for the regular House Hunters show to start featuring couples/families who are upsizing after an unsuccessful tiny home life.

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