Let’s get soakin’ wet!

So I tested the whole “waterproof to 50m” thing yesterday by wearing my new Apple Watch in the shower at the gym.

It worked!

Takes a licking but keeps on ticking, baby!

With all my watches (even watches like a Tag, Swatch, or Swiss Army) I’ve always avoided getting them wet even if they say they are water resistant. I just didn’t want to risk it. 

But Fuck. The Apple commercial shows people surfing and swimming with the damn watch on so…

Anyway. It worked. 

Oh!  And there’s a new “mindfulness” feature on this watch. It has you still your kind and focus on your breathing for one minute, then it gives your pulse rate. 

Very zen. Me likey. 

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1 Response to Let’s get soakin’ wet!

  1. Jeffrey Rich says:

    Well, since 50 meters is about 164 feet deep and the pressure there is 4.84 times what it is at sea level, we would HOPE that it would be waterproof in a shower, which is … 0 feet and only 1 atmosphere. And you are 834 feet ABOVE sea level, so that means that you live at less than one atmosphere of pressure, or 13.3 psi, less than 14.7psi at sea level. Besides, we all know that Apple is Fabulous, as are their products.

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