It’s that time of year again, when a middle-aged man’s thoughts turn to (you guessed it) tax refunds. 

I always do my taxes in early February; it seems as good a time as any. Plus, I’m usually anxious to get my money back that I’ve been loaning the government. 

My taxes are pretty easy– I’m single, don’t have kids or dependents, I don’t have foreign investments, I don’t have income from other states, I didn’t pull any money out of investments, etc. So for me it’s a few clicks and boom. Done. 

All my refund is going into savings. I’m really trying to beef up my “rainy day” account. This is my savings that I have sitting in a money market account for emergencies. Like if I lose my job, etc.

Pundits say you should have a six month savings safety net– just in case. I’m pretty darn close to that.  I might even be able to stretch to eight but I’d have to be frugal.

With the uncertainties of the Trump regime, I’m being very fiscally conservative. No crazy spending on art or vacations. Just squirreling it all away.

This is also why I wanted to do my taxes now– before he shuts down the IRS or something. 

So– taxes done. Returns accepted. Now just waiting for my direct deposit. 

And that was pretty much the highlight of my weekend. 

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2 Responses to Taxes

  1. truthspew says:

    Well in my case the tax man is taking $1,500 out so I’ll get very little back. Oh well there is the $30K plus I have coming me.

  2. I took mine to the preparer on 2/18. waiting for necessary paperwork (like W2s) is frustrating.

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