I don’t normally like “reimaginings” but….

I loved the first installment of “Emerald City”!

Critics are calling it a new “game of thrones”.  It might be– I’ve never watched a single minute of G.O.T. All I know is that I was drawn in and fascinated throughout. 

Mostly I enjoyed it because the show because it only took the barest of framework from the original story, and then created a new, darker, grittier world.  In many ways darker than Wicked’s take (novel, not musical).

I found little things to be quite clever– like when Dorothy stumbled across the outer lands “tribe” of people and they were drumming and dancing in mourning to the death of the East Witch.  But they were dancing and drumming in a spiral

And these were not munchkins:

Another nod to the original is the “scarecrow”.  He is actually a wizard guard soldier (with amnesia) who was covered in straw and on a crucifix.

It doesn’t hurt matters that he is HAWT!  And slightly mentally unbalanced. 

I also enjoy the multicultural cast. Dorothy is Hispanic, one of the witches is black (although she died early), there are Asian women as part of Oz’s tech elite, etc. 

And the black witch was FABULOUS!  I hope she isn’t fully dead.

In this Oz, the wizard is a tech guy who is at war with witchcraft and magic. He’s basically banished the witches to their respective cardinal directions and the citizens have been taught to fear them. 

Oh, and the West Witch (in black) is a drunk/opium addict who runs a house of prostitution. Just sayin’.

The sets and costumes are fantastic, the world is imaginative and dark. And they are introducing cool characters who are flawed and real. And a touch savage. 

Overall it’s a cool blend of steampunk tech, medieval feudal society, magic, and political intrigue. 

I’m seriously hoping this story arc is sustainable.


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2 Responses to I don’t normally like “reimaginings” but….

  1. Jim says:

    Wait, you do not watch Game of Thrones.?? Do yourself a favor and take a weekend and binge watch as it will change your concept of what good television can be..

  2. NIFP says:

    I have this on Hulu, but wanted to wait until there were a few more episodes so I can binge watch it. I recall the show being described as “post-modern.” I’m really most excited about it because all 10 episodes are being directed by Tarsem Singh. The visuals in his films are just incredible, and helped make even J-Lo tolerable in The Cell. And you should really check out the HAWT guys in his Immortals, one of whom is Henry Cavill.

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