La La Land

You need to see this movie. 

It’s just really… sigh.

It truly is a modern take on the old musicals from vintage Hollywood. But it’s completely anachronistic. The clothing doesn’t say any specific period. The cars are from 60’s to today. The settings are timeless. The use of jazz transcends any particular decade. 

The love story is traditional. And timeless. And more than a wee bit heart-rending. 

There’s awesome and vibrant use of color. And lighting effects. And a dash of Hollywood magic. 

Oh, and great songs. 

And Ryan and Emma are just so electric together on screen. And cute.

The list of positives goes on and on. 

But more than that, this movie continues to hang with me for some reason. I find myself thinking about it often, days after seeing it.  Every commercial brings the movie rushing back– the color, the emotion.

It’s old, yet original.  And in this day and age of regurgitated remakes and sequels, it seems all the more fresh. Yet most of all, it feels… special.

I just think you really need to find it playing, and go see it. 

Trust me on this. 

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3 Responses to La La Land

  1. Partick says:

    Just yesterday my friend’s husband was telling me how much he disliked this movie. As he was giving me the rundown of all of the movie’s failings, I was thinking that I would probably really like it since he has generally awful and simplistic taste. Thanks for posting your endorsement, and confirming my bias.
    Merry Christmas.

  2. Mandy says:

    Funny that you would mention this movie. I just saw it today, and loved it. Very original, and I was impressed with Gosling – I didn’t know he could sing and play piano! It was nicely done.

  3. truthspew says:

    We’ve seen the trailers for it and said “Nope!”

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