Screening Party

Did you ever read the book “Screening Party” by Dennis Hensley?  If not, you must. It’s this guy writing these short story accounts of having a bunch of bitchy friends watch movies while recording their snarky running dialog.  It’s hysterical!

Anyway, I got to participate in a screening party this past weekend. It was awesome!  The movie we watched?

This movie is bad. So. Very. Bad. 

It was obviously one of those shat-out “vehicle” movies for this Donna Spangler person (and Donna’s real life daughter “Ravin”).  

And it stars TV’s Superman Dean Cain!

Although in this movie he looked more like “Supperman”. 

This is Dean as douchey angel Gabriel. 

Seriously, this movie is terrible. Which is why it works so well in a screening Party situation where everyone just vents hateful comments.

The movie tells the story about Donna, a rich, self made woman who dies in an auto accident and then becomes a ghost to help fix her bitchy daughter before Christmas Eve. 

There’s a host of awful characters: entitled princess daughter, Daddy, step mom, money grubbing cousin and her grifter boyfriend, cute boy with a heart condition, saucy black maid, and more!

Much fun was had when we saw Dean in a closeup and it looked like he was doing an ad for Valtrex. The “before treatment” version.

Or when black maid can hear the ghost mom’s voice (Molly, you in danger girl!)

And a host of other one liners tossed out at particularly gut-wrenchingky poor acting moments. 

So.  Deliciously. Bad. 

And there are a myriad of actors and actresses in this movie doing horrible accents (British step mom… pseudo Aussi grifter… Haitian maid….). 

And the daughter– my god. IMDB or Wikipedia says the young girl character’s name had to be changed to “Ravin” as the girl could never remember to respond to the other name. 

She’s the one in the middle. It’s like a bad version of Clueless. 

So there’s near death experiences, homeless people, soup kitchens, hokey special effects, and a Christmas Eve miracle. 

The movie has it all!!

I won’t spoil it any more, but I will say this. Please invite some friends over and screening Party this trash. You won’t regret it!


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2 Responses to Screening Party

  1. Mark in DE says:

    There’s a Bravo show called “The People’s Couch” where the film people’s reactions to watching TV. I love the 3 gay guys watching together, and the 2 lesbians with their tiny dogs walking all over them!

  2. it’s a hallmark channel “movie”! my late MIL used to drool over this kind of shit. it’s a channel for the rump supporters and jeebus freaks.

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