In the voice of Harry Caray– Cubs win!! Cubs win!!!

I am extremely happy today and all feels right with the world. The mighty Casey did NOT strike out and there is joy in Mudville. Curse of the goat begone!

Yes, I am a Cubs fan. 

And I’m not just a “bandwagon” fan.  No, I’ve rooted for the Cubs since the late 80’s. And probably before that even.

I grew up in Iowa (where there are no Pro teams) so we have to choose other Market  teams to root for. And Iowa has the Iowa Cubs– the farm team for the Cubbies. So naturally I’ve been to Iowa Cubs games (even to back when they were the Iowa Oaks). 

And remember I went to Northwestern (in Evanston which is basically the first suburb north of Chicago and like 8 “L” stops from Addison- aka Wrigley Field stop).  Northwestern is on the quarter system, which means classes don’t finish until June. Thus giving plenty of opportunities to Ferris Buehler it and go see a game– and at student prices.

While I was at NU, I was in the marching band. And one of the years, we were invited to play the national anthem at Wrigley for the start of the playoffs. Which the Cubs lost- and the newspapers were quick to credit having perennial loser Northwestern foreshadow the Cubs demise. 

I remember that news article well. 

And how my heart broke in 2003 when Steve Bartman reached out from the stands and wrecked the fly ball catch which then precipitated the Cubs complete collapse in the NCLS.  

And how I’ve rooted every year for them to win just one World Series again. And been disappointed when they just can’t seem to manage it.

And then when the Red Sox broke their curse, I kept thinking “Maybe now. Maybe, just maybe, the Cubs will be next. They’re due. Pleaseohplease!”

And then last year they had such a great season!  At the end of it, I was thinking they’re gonna have a great shot in 2016. It just might be their year.  

And here we are. Cubs win. Cubs WIN!! Fly the W!!

So, yes. I’ve been a Cubs fan for decades. I  love an underdog, and there is no team in baseball more “underdoggy” than the Cubs. The lovable losers. The cursed.

I’ve been biting my nails this entire post season. And in true Cubs fashion, they just had to be dramatic about it. Down 3-1, they come back. Up 6-3 in game 7, they shit the bed in the 8th and the Indians tie it up. Then a rain delay!

I had to be up at 5am this morning, so I went to bed completely stressed out without knowing the outcome. I had dreams about it– in my dreams the Cubs won. 

At 5:01 this morning I nervously checked the sports scores app on my phone….

I’m not ashamed to admit I shed a couple tears when I saw the final score. 


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5 Responses to CUBS WIN!

  1. GilbertT says:

    Seems today you cannot swing a seat cat without hitting a Cubs fan. The world was a better place when they were not piling on the bandwagon.

  2. cb says:

    I’m not exactly sure what a “seat cat” is, but I hope you aren’t accusing me of jumping on a bandwagon, as I’ve been a Cubs fan for about 30 years.

    Besides– who cares if people jump on? Who doesn’t love a good, 108 year soap opera, underdog finally wins story?

  3. Blobby says:

    oh fuck off. 🙂

  4. Scott says:

    Cubs win! I live in Chicago and it was total chaos, but in a great way. I live just a few blocks south of Wrigley, I didn’t get to bed until 2am. The parade is tomorrow.

  5. if ANY team deserved to win the WS, it’s the cubbies.

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